Power Electronics & Systems, Inc. offers variety of innovative products with the latest advanced technologies like SMT technology and other unique techniques and inventions for fluorescent and LED lighting products such as LED drivers and LED Tubeless Shoplights. The advanced technology lowers the price of these products. All our products are U.L. approved and FCC compliance.

Our production facility in China has the latest advance equipment and facility to perform 100% testing & inspection on all of our products.


Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) is a method for constructing electronic circuits in which the components are smaller in size and mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards. Aerospace engineering experience was the backbone of the new technology at PES. PES introduced advanced SMT technology in electronic ballasts, electronic shoplights, and LED products. PES uses a proprietary design technology with state of art semiconductors resulting in tremendous energy saving.

Benefits of SMT

  • Superior performance & functionality of products at reduced sizes, weights, and costs.
  • Reduction in flickering & humming noise effect due to smaller electrical paths compared to leaded components.
  • Higher operating speed resulting from shorter interconnects distances.
  • Lower resistance and inductance at the connection which leads to better performance for high frequency parts.